Family Photography

A family photography session has different meanings to different people. Younger kids might be excited by the "motivation" of donuts afterwards. Ask an older kid about taking family photos and they'll likely admit to some degree of annoyance by having to wear 'pants with a zipper'. The matriarch (MOM!) typically harbors some degree of stress over the scenario as she's typically the catalyst for the event. ....and Dads...well, many guys show up and keep the peace...and some are annoyed by having to wear 'pants with zippers' or are just looking forward to donuts afterwards. Regardless of the individual viewpoints regarding photos, a family photography session is an investment in your people and printing photos is a tangible way to document this moment in your family's timeline.

Every family is unique and I want to embrace what makes your group different than the next, so it's beneficial for me to learn a bit about your fam prior to having you stand in front of the camera. It's possible that we've covered some of these topics in prior convos, yet want to ensure that you have the opportunity to voice what's important to you and share any vision that you might have regarding your photos.

Finally, if you want to relay something to me, toss out an idea for your photo shoot, OR if you want to send me your questionnaire, just text me!



^Examples: We are Pottheads and love *All things Hogwarts* ...or, 'We're a sporting family - can't get enough baseball!' or, 'We never met a flavor of ice cream that we didn't like' etc.

I won't treat you like mannequins, yet understand your family might not take photos often and might appreciate guidance. I'll make some suggestions about where to stand, place your hands, etc. So, LIKE mannequins...but with personalities! ;)

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ANYthing which might make this process - and the results - even better. ANYthing.....'I'm deaf in my right ear, my hubs prefers to keep his ballcap on, Little Johnny is self-conscious about his wrists, Susie can juggle and will do so *on command*, we don't like 80's alternative music so don't play any during our session', etc.