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Regardless of their age, your athlete has focus, passion and grit for the game they love! Sports careers do end, but long after the dust has settled and the laundry room floor is no longer littered with jerseys, you and your player will relish having creative and beautiful high-resolution photos as a tangible way to recall those years of dedication, drive, and camaraderie.

Professional sports photography with Metcalf Images is a small, affordable investment in a meaningful event and ensures that the memories will withstand time.

Metcalf Images guarantees that you'll never regret

having professional photos taken of your athlete.

A sports career will end;

the photographs will last a lifetime.

During the game, your player will be captured in action and candid imagery* which will reflect their talents and contributions. The collective photographs will encompass who your player is on the field - and off.

Digital images provided with each session are ideal for usage in college recruitment bios and videos. Printed versions will look stellar in poster frames, on the mantle, or in grandma's billfold.

*Due to occasional limitations and restrictions imposed by field administrators, some fields/court/locations disallow close-range photography and might impact optimal opportunities for photography. If this is the case we can reschedule to a better date/location.

Sports Photography FAQ

Sports Photography? That's a thing?

A.Having photographs of a person while doing what they most love to do? Yes, that's a thing! Many athletes realize that their days with their sport ARE numbered. High-quality images, however, will last forever.

Why would I hire you to take photos when I can get photos from a parent on the sideline?

A.It's fantastic that you receive photos of your athlete! With my clients, there is no guessing...they KNOW that they will have photos of their athlete after the game. Clients are also reassured that, during the game, I am dedicated to their player, all images are in focus, fully edited, and they will receive high-resolution files (suitable for printing).

How many sports images will I receive?

A.After your images have been edited, you will receive an online gallery with dozens of beautiful and creative images to review and make your purchase selections from.

How do I schedule a session?

A.To schedule a session, just click on the Inquiries button at the bottom of this page and follow the prompts.
Payment is required prior to the game and if conditions/weather are not optimal on game-day, we will reschedule.